Everything has a beginning, an origin defining its existence. As humans in our present being there is a very big misconception pertaining to who and what we are, whole and in part, and in our evolution. It all started with the One, divine Perfect Being, the Creator of all separating the wholeness element of itself into two separate and imperfect parts and giving those aspects of itself gender for the purpose of being able to witness over and over again its greatest greatness, the mankind creation perpetuated through procreation.


There is a parallel understanding that runs through all melanated people, the ancestral spiritual body of the ancestry. A chain that links our present to our beginning; A reincarnated roller coaster ride through the world of DNA, Day ‘N time of Arrival pertaining to one’s existence; A continuous shuffling of the ancestral deck through the rebirth of flesh; a revolving door between two worlds. The sphere, the realm, our mother planet Earth is a conduit of the transitional cycle of life between the two realms. Every living thing that exists upon her makes a sacrificial contribution of its host in the maintaining and sustaining of her existence. It is the fertilization of death that keeps her strong and the reoccurring cycle of life that holds our existence, continuing our evolution.


In the absence of truth, brings confusion, chaos, death and destruction when an individual or a race of people lose the understanding of themselves, then everyone becomes the enemy, even those who resemble them. For one cannot trust what is unknown to them in the present X-representation of their ancestry, even when it reflects their image.


We live in a society that in the absence of truth fiction, fantasy, lies, hype, trends, appeal, propaganda, conspiracy theories, clichés, superstitions, denial, ego, phenomena, illusion and delusion fills the shoes of knowledge, wisdom and understanding and reeks havoc on the human psyche, an unactivated godhead. There is a race of individuals who have disrupted the natural order and cycle of things. They have stolen the ancestral records. All of the files and blueprints pertaining to the secrets and mysteries of our ancestral make-up. And when in the possession of our ancestral truth the holder of our truth now possesses the ability to re-write the ancestral record, the accounts and the occurrences of our existence and create many stories and call these stories his-story. And what is a story? A story is fiction, fable, lies, untruth, and that is what most are presently in possession of, black books. Living life according to the greatest stories ever told about the truth never told about themselves.


To look back will paint a clear picture in the forward approach to the future. What has taken the place of ancestral knowledge, wisdom and understanding now mentally enslaves many leaving a choice few of us standing the front lines, fighting to sustain the existence of a people. You are a living, breathing testament to your ancestry, the present link that leads back to your ancestral beginning. Many families have fallen leaving no one behind that will procreate the next ancestor or ancestors that will transcend through the revolving doors that connect the two realms. That is why the mental, physical, spiritual, and financial growth, progression and evolution of a family is so vital in its application.


It has been stated that the first law of nature is self-preservation, preservation of one’s offspring and one’s race. Where within the ideal of integration may appeal to many members of a society, the true facts of the matter is the obtaining, maintaining and sustaining of the ancestral knowledge of self is vital to the existence of any race. And once a race has lost that understanding they must separate and recalibrate that understanding for the continuance of future generations so as not to bring about the threat of extinction.


There is nothing negative within being proud of your race and documenting and noting the accomplishments, achievements and contributions made to the human race as a whole. In racial diversity, all within the collective have something to offer the world and should live, dwell and operate in the high esteem of who and what you are, stand for, represent and come from. But there is one vital aspect to the existence of our being and its evolution, the spirituality of it all in its many parallels, that connects all of us as a people, the inhabitants, the offspring of Mother Earth, born from her womb, Africa. And within the estranged separation of her offspring due to the migration into the different regions of the existent aspects of her, cultural secrets and mysteries were forged.


In the removing of labels and titles, what remains? Spirituality. Ancestral secrets and mysteries born from the up close and personal dealings and interaction with spirits, deities and divinities, Oracle systems, godheads, and the ultimate acknowledgement of ancestors and the Divine perfect being that created it all. We must eradicate the evil that men do by renouncing and removing the labels that man has placed upon us and our ancestry.

In this present time, after the disruption of the order and cycle of life there are only a few indigenous origins occupying this mother Earth that have retained the full blueprint as it pertains to our mental, physical and spiritual existence, growth and progression. One race in particular, an entrusted tribe of Africans called the Yorubas, have managed to maintain a tight two-handed grip on the human blueprint. Entrusted secrets and mysteries handed down from the divine and perpetuated through the evolution of ancestors. Not just the foundation and structure of a Yoruba people but all people in their design and make-up without prejudice. Even if your ancestry is not Yoruba, it does not mean that you cannot benefit from the teachings. And these teachings are called the Ifa. Within the teachings of the oracle you will find the 256 Odu Oracle that is over forty thousand years old in its written form. Before the written, its birth beginning was oral and chanted upon the lips of a great many Yoruba people. And it’s not a coincidence that a good percentage of the slaves that were illegally abducted, shackled and enslaved were Yoruba people. That is how the Oracle was brought to the world to reintroduce the foundation, structure, and overall spiritual makeup of the human race.


And now millions of people from the four corners of the world are making pilgrimages to Yorubaland to reconnect their ancestry to the source of information, the origin, that when properly applied the teachings are strong enough to sustain us all within balance and duality. But in order for this to take place we must obtain indigenous, ancestral spiritual teachings as they pertain to healing, study practice and worship. All indigenous cultures have something to offer, starting first and foremost with your own. And if your own is unknown to you, submit to an ancestral DNA test and gain the third eye opening understanding that will be the seed that will grow and evolve the ancestral understanding of yourself. Knowledge as a whole as it pertains to mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, financial growth and progression is time sensitive. For the spiritual revolution has already begun. Those empowered by our ancestral knowledge have already started a rampage of destruction running through select, chosen, indigenous societies robbing, pillaging and stealing, killing off the eldership body, matriarchs and patriarchs, priests, priestesses, high priests and high priestesses and religiously indoctrinating as many of those who are left that can be converted. The cycle has been broken; the balance is disrupted and weighs in favor and benefit of the enemy. And who is the enemy? Any and all who seek to mentally, physically and spiritually enslave and bring about the demise and destruction of our Earth Mother. That is the purpose of ancestral secrets and mysteries, to maintain and sustain the cycle and balance of all life.


Embrace and embody the teachings. Know that there are secrets and mysteries of truth found in all world ancestry, in some more than others. It’s not about taking on the external appeal of the people in possession of the information but embracing, embodying, and bringing back indigenous ancestral knowledge to the land that has been stained with your ancestors blood and filled with their bones and using the information to elevate the fallen souls of your ancestors and applying the information itself in our own lives, the lives of our family and community as it relates to society as a whole. One people in the preservation of all life under one Creator.


-Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-


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