This developed property will emulate the grandeur, wisdom, practicality and beauty of indigenous culture in a unique new world setting. A place where the perfect design of nature abounds with soft wind chimes as they float through a magical botanical garden, bamboo or wooden walkways and trees with gently swaying hammocks. Flagpoles in the four corners of the property proudly stand at attention to receive those seeking spirit and healing.

The Mind, Body and Spirit lifestyle of study, practice and worship will induce: Environmental sustainability, social justice, a gender-balanced community and an exchange of goods and services internally and externally.

As defined by Chief Priest Kongolini Zulu Mau, the Shrine Lifestyle has a vision of a green economy based on the following mental, physical, and spiritual principles:


(1) Study


(2) Practice


(3) Worship


(4) Environmental Sustainability based on the understanding that our biosphere is a closed system with finite resources and a limited capacity for self-regulation and self-renewal. We depend on our Mother Earth’s natural resources, and therefore we must create an economic system that respects the integrity of ecosystems and ensures the resilience of life supporting systems.


(5) Social Justice based on the understanding that culture and human dignity are precious resources that, like our natural resources, require responsible stewardship to avoid their depletion. We must create a vibrant economic system that ensures all people have access to a decent standard of living and full opportunities for personal and social development.


(6) Exchange of Goods and Services Commerce locally rooted, based on the knowledge that an authentic connection to a specific place is the essential pre-condition to sustainability and justice. A green economy is a global aggregate of individual communities meeting the needs of its citizens through the responsible, local production and exchange.


(7) Gender Balanced Community we subscribe to the understanding that women are the foundation and structure of a society and men are the governors and protectors, not the rulers.


(8) Good Character


The Kingdom is a three-fold entity of profit, non-profit and private family estates. Each person that dwells on the property has an opportunity to work and develop the property agriculturally. The following are the amenities to this unique property developed using the innovative Perma-culture design concept:

Perma-Culture is a broad-based and holistic approach that has many applications in all aspects of life. We live in the reflection of nature. The Shrine Lifestyle’s “ethics of care” that is the premise of our mind, body and spirit Perma-culture design are the following:


  •  Mother Earth Care - Recognizing that Mother Earth is the source of all life, it is our valuable home and we are a part of the Earth, not apart from it.

  • People Care - Supporting and helping each other to change to ways of living that do not harm ourselves or the planet, and to develop healthy societies.

  • Fair Share - Ensuring that Mother Earth’s limited resources are used in ways that are equitable and wise.


Not only is our design based on how ecosystems interact but how it interacts on a physical and metaphysical level. Forces of nature, plant life, water, sunshine and moon phases all interact with human life. When in balance, these entities can provide a superior quality of life for those who seek to maintain that balance. Our vision for this design includes:


A Sundial:

Time is an aspect of life that always exists, is always moving and never stops. We feature a 10-foot sundial to help measure and be in accordance with time, naturally.


Sweat Lodges:

Our sweat lodges are naturally constructed with an African, Native American and Asian appeal and seat up to 50 adults.


Meditation/Relaxation Sanctuary:

Nature is a reflection of life and spirit. We honor the forces of nature by commemorating areas to them with sculpture, herbs, flowers, trees and foliage and man-made ponds with purple African water lilies and Kohaku koi fish, trees with hammocks and swings.  Never desecrated with pollution or trash, these areas are places for meditation and prayer that invites one to partake in its tranquillity and beauty. 


Bamboo/Wooden Walkways:

Our facilities are connected by safe, natural and handicapped accessible wooden walkways.


Wildflower groves:

Surrounding the property gates are seasonal wildflower groves.



Sacred Space

Ancestral Grove: for the acknowledgement and worship of our sacred ancestors.


Orisa Temple:

Sacred space dedicated to the acknowledgement of the deities of nature, and an


Oracle Temple:

For the acknowledgement and consulting of the sacred oracle system that governs it all.


Wellness and Culture

Our Sports & Fitness Recreational Facility is a place for residents and guests to maintain their athletic abilities and further nurture ones desire to stay fit. This property participates in the celebration and engagement of cricket, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball nestled in a serene environment well equipped and maintained to include 200 capacity bleachers for an audience and full male and female locker facilities. Making your way to the sauna after a hard workout is only a stones-throw away from the workout facility. Just imagine being surrounded by burnt orange flamboyant trees in bloom, wind chimes swaying in a tranquil breeze as the natural rhythm of your heartbeat slows down in preparation for a full body treatment at our Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness Sanctuary. In this sanctuary equipped with saunas and bathing pools fragranced with jasmine, rose and other essential oils creating the most therapeutic atmosphere. We offer you an array of services masterfully crafted to restore the natural balance needed to fulfil your day to day and maintain your peaceful lifestyle. Including Holistic Disease Defense, full body cleanse and viral detox. Full body essential oil massages, foot massages, reiki treatments, acupuncture, ear candling and paraffin treatments are just a few of the specialities we provide.

The Cultural Arts facility is where one can find a melting pot of African, Latin and Caribbean sounds and movements. Aerobics and dance classes are set to the rhythmic flare of colors, beats and rhythms. This space is 2400 sq. feet of hardwood floor, wall mirrors, dressing room and lavatory, separated by sliding glass panels where one can also find yoga and other meditations.

Expressive Arts and Craft facility are set in 3 circular huts with wooden floors and hand painted Asian sliding doors, a sunroof on each hut that allow maximum lighting and full male and female lavatories. This space will be used to cultivate creative expressions with paint, clay (with access to a kiln), bead working and other forms of meditative visualization.


Green Infrastructural Capital:

including organic gardening, holistic services and products. Water is an essential aspect in the support of a spiritual metaphysical holistic organic green life style. It is important for use as a spiritual conductor, for visual comfort, and for consumption and cultivation of life. The fish, shrimp and lobster farming will be for personal and commercial purposes providing economic opportunities and industry for the local community.



Members of the Kingdom acknowledge the importance of organic foods and herbs. Multiple hydro organic greenhouses and nurseries and acres of land will house fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs including those for personal and commercial uses. No animal will be subject to chemicals, hormones or antibiotics; all animals are free range. Free-range eggs will be available for purchase. All food items grown can be sold for co-op and individual purchases. We will work with communities and other organizations on the importance and advantages of growing, marketing and selling your own fresh food.



Because of the everyday threats of outside society, security is needed. In support of a more secure society, we reserve the right to be spiritually selective. This is an exclusive private community with uniquely cross bred guard dogs that are a hybrid canine creation that we named the “Lycan breed”; also affectionately called the Protectors, manned and we-manned by our elite security liaisons known as the Guardians.


Autonomous Buildings:

Facilities, home structures and spa.


Bungalows and Villas:

Imagine an oasis of green living, beautiful landscape, and indulgences that enhance the mind, body and spirit. You have the option of living in our bungalow or villa. All of our homes are designed as 3⁄4 root which means it is built into the earth for extra stability and security. All homes also feature solar power, natural flooring, and sunrooms which encourage natural light and are attractively accented with the unique trimmings of your choice. Our bungalows are approximately 1200 to 1700 sq. feet with up to two bedrooms and our villas are approximately 1700 to 2500 sq. feet with up to four bedrooms. Home units and custom units are available for lease to buy only.


Within the common house, with its own separate entrance are two libraries, offices and meeting rooms. The libraries are research facilities complete with computers, Wi-Fi, copiers and printers. The Japanese style onyx wood tables and chairs give a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere while one researches and investigates to their heart’s content. Each library contains books on culture, history, art, spirituality, metaphysics, astrology, numerology as well as an area for children’s books. Each library is also equipped with a genealogy lab for family research. The library can also be rented out for book signings, book clubs or any other literary aspect. There are meeting rooms that can be rented for small (as intimate as 2) and large (as many as 25) groups of people. The smaller room features bamboo floors, throw rugs, an oak table that seats up to 10 people, a wet bar that serves hot coffee, tea, juices and soda. The gold plated walls are adorned with African sculpture and paintings. The large room features similar décor and amenities as the small room but also features state of the art equipment including a drop screen and own laptop for PowerPoint presentations, podium and wireless microphone system.


Home Schooling

Motherland Academy, our school that caters to pre-school through 12th grade is a complete 21st Century Learning facility with indoor and outdoor classrooms. The intimate sizes of each grade level make learning a personal experience with exponential opportunity for growth and open-ended learning. In addition to core subjects children will be exposed to jazz and other areas of the arts, learn chess, languages, have ample fitness in their regimen, and explore other methods of unconventional but necessary learning techniques.


Renewable Energy:

The energy utilized in Kingdom of the Shrine of New Harvest Moon will be a combination of solar, wind and water power. We are advocates of using solar electricity as part of the mainstream energy supply. By utilizing energy sources that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, we can contribute to a more secure and sustainable world. We anticipate using 50% solar power, 25% wind turbine and 25% Reaction Style Water Turbines, since wind and water are “active” powers where the electricity generated must be used.


The Citizens:

The first phase of citizenship we are sending out the ancestral call to all priests, priestesses, high priests, and high priestesses and spiritual, metaphysical holistic healers and practitioners of all kinds and their families to come and join with us and aid us in establishing three tiers of leadership and to set in place our eldering body. For the Kingdom will be an elder- mentored society.

This spiritual metaphysical, holistic, green way of life is not for everyone only those who are village at heart and clear in their understanding that knowledge and unification and cooperation will be the key factors that will open up the doors to our future in these difficult and trying times. For we have the Godhead, the heart and the courage to achieve, persevere and overcome. 

We are also currently seeking resident management/co-housing professionals and their families to create a utopia built on pillars of sustainability. The Kingdom is calling on the holistic, agricultural and metaphysical community to build with us.

We welcome people from around the world to enrich our lives by providing their services in a variety of holistic cultures, practices and traditions. We embrace holistic doctors, organic and conventional farmers, beekeepers, masseuses, reiki practitioners, midwives, doulas, herbalist, architectural developers and designers, acupuncturists, educators, fishery technicians, natural beauty specialists, artists, etc. We capitalize on the collective energy and diversity of skills, knowledge and interest amongst neighbors interacting together or as an individual as well as the benefit of a larger community.  But it all starts with you!!! Where you are valued and needed. Stand up and answer the ancestral call to duty!