A spiritual wake up call

So many so quick to speak on what is spiritual, what is spirituality! Many could not be any more incorrect In their conclusion. There is over 8.5 million human existence of years on this planet, it’s time to do your Add and subtract, meaning the overwhelming majority of human existence on this planet has existed & operated within an indigenous setting. Now we have American culture with their arrogance state of mind, thinking that they can accomplish everything that the ancient, ancestors and the indigenous people of the today have accomplished, Without going through any of the proper rituals, rights, rights of passage, initiations and eldership training. Not even operating spiritually within alignment with their own ancestry! Cherry picking information from a European commercialized tree of spirituality as well as other cultures, A recipe for disaster, spiritual suicide! Why? So many feel that they can speak on spirituality what spirituality is because they are under the impression that spirituality on a primary level is personal, and communal on the secondary.


of spirituality that is their first, along with elders and community to welcome the new arrival Spirit down into the earth realm. It is the community elders or tribal elders, the priest priestesses high priest and high Priestesses! That Once again operating under a false impression! Spirituality first and Foremost Is communal, for it is the hierarchy of the inner-sanctumtake the child through all of the proper rituals rights, rights of passage initiations and eldership training, pertaining to the tools of spirituality itself. The acquiring of an operating level of knowledge, Pertaining to proper prayers, chants, incantations, invocations, meditation, alchemy and sacrifice! Moving into a mental physical and spiritual place of open manifestations of one’s words and skill set this displayed through the action for all to see and bear witness! Spirituality and religion are polar opposite’s non-related not even vaguely one and the same, for those who really know the truth about what spirituality really is by way of the manifestations of their own hands once again in front of witnesses! People born and raised in America especially on social media platforms always have a story to tell about their experiences that they only seem to have when they are alone It most definitely is enough to make you wonder.


All the time while operating in their ego and pride boasting and bragging about how powerful they are, They never seem to get around to every manifesting anything real in front of others! Now! Let’s make it clear every man woman and child on the planet is a mind body and spirit organic protein-based compound being. Within us all is, in fact, a spirit possessing many gifts, awaiting alignment activation and elevation! Spirituality is has been and always will be the up close and personal dealings and interactions with spirits, entities and deities male and female by name! Name! very important! If you listen to the fraudulent and miss guided speak! They are always talking about spirits without name energy and vibration without origin. There are way more spirits entities and deities within the many outer realms then there are human beings here on earth. When you encounter spirits entities deities etc. they are very forthcoming with a name for they want you to remember whom you are dealing with in respect of what is being performed on your behalf and the debt that you owe and whom you owe it to! Many do not take into consideration that the biggest element ingredient pertaining to all things spiritual is generated from life force energy! Offered by way of sacrifice, the very first sacrifice that was ever made was human! Now human sacrifice has been outlawed, but the action of human sacrifice has not been rendered powerless! Millions of people disappear within and outside Of the borders of America, many here in America don’t even bat an eyelash or lift an eyebrow, with any real level of concern.


Spirituality is raw Indigenously primitive as it stands and operates within the reflection of nature. With the use of raw elements. Once again human sacrifice has been outlawed. Replaced by animal sacrifice. We are we are solid beings consume solid matter in which to retrieve our energy from a solid organic source! Society is in a triple state of 911 I have to come hard with actual and factual information. So those who possess the common sense, intelligence, logic and courage will stand up! Before it’s too late! The Realm Of negative mitigating forces and its devotees are not playing, so why are you? When they don’t play by the rules plan. There is a fraudulent energy moving throughout America, misguiding taking money creating distrust! That handicaps many, In a manner in which makes it hard for them to recognize truth so that they may connect and unify with the right person and or group of individuals or both.

Real Spirituality 101

As it is being revealed and shared within this picture, what you see before you are shrines of the African indigenous kind. Of one of the 36 African indigenous spiritual systems (Congo) What is a shrine? A shrine is a totem, a Spiritually consecrated in blood emblems that represents a particular Spirit, entity or deity. It can be male, female or genderless, even negative or positive! no alters needed because they are called to be grounded when not at work and in an elevated state when at work (employed). Spirituality is exactly that, an up close and personal In-depth relationship with the many spiritual realms, and the spirits, entities, and deities that dwell and operate within them, negative or positive by name. A very volatile working relationship that requires one to go through all of the proper rituals, rites of passage, initiations and eldership training! Why? Because there are very, very strict rules of engagement pertaining to each individual spirit, entity, or deity in how one approaches, summons, works, deals, and interacts with.


They all have their own very unique signature, frequency, energy, and vibration. There are 1000s of ways In which to offend them and bring about deadly life-threatening altering repercussions and consequences down on your life and the lives of your children. This is what brings about premature death and ancestral curses! Brought about by the ignorance and arrogance of those who think that they can self-teach, self-initiate, etc. The Americanized cookbook mentality, I call it! This concept that people have where they think because they have the book they can cook! I have been giving cookbooks out as gifts for years, and I go over peoples houses and the food is still nasty! Having a book means nothing without the supporting information behind it that is needed to bring about clarity, and ability to connect all the dots without putting your life at risk or the lives of your loved ones! Everything about being human is a learnt experience. As a child in the formative years of your life, someone had to teach you how to walk, talk, articulate, comprehend, comb your hair, brush your teeth, tie your shoes, and how not to go to the bathroom by yourself! Here in America, you have individuals running around Buying books and cherry picking information off of the Internet and social media. To take such actions is madness, spiritual suicide!

No God Parents Within the Spiritual Order 

Let it be known from the start, there is no such thing as godparents in the Oracle, Orisa, and Egungun study, practice and worship. This myth hails from Catholocism, the Catholic church has created this concept of parenting. In the Catholic church, the biological parents of a child will choose two individuals a male and a female. It is not even necessary that the two individuals are married. These two individuals pledge allegiance to this child in a christening ceremony, that if anything should happen to the biological parents the godparents will step in and assume the continuing rearing of the child....