Sixteen Principles of  ILE ADULAWO

Here at ILE ADULAWO we are structured and founded upon morals, standards, rules and regulations and the non-breaking of taboos. For breaking of taboos is what can bring about the action of removal of member and leadership station and position.

Principle One – RESPECT – Observe proper protocols as it pertains to elders and leadership. Speak well to and of one another. Never engage in gossip, slander or blackmail.

Principle Two – LOYALTY – Be steadfast in allegiance to leadership, principle and your destiny.

Principle Three – HONESTY – Speak only what you know. Do not misrepresent your level of intelligence as not to suffer embarrassment.

Principle Four – HUMILITY – Respect elders and leadership roles as assigned.

Principle Five – MORALITY – Do not disrespect or seduce another’s wife.

Principle Six – AUTHENTICITY – Do not endeavor to deceive or misrepresent your intentions.

Principle Seven – OBEDIENCE – Do not break taboos

Principle Eight – COMPASSION – Show kindness to those less fortunate

Principle Nine - RESPONSIBILITY – For every man and woman will be held accountable for his or her own words and actions.

Principle Ten - FAMILY – Respect women and children.

Principle Eleven – CONFIDENCE – Always maintain Awo, secret and never betray trust and to do so is a breaking of taboos.

Principle Twelve – ILE ADULAWO is a spiritual, metaphysical, holistic temple and its members are a part of it not because of a fad or a trend of what’s popular. Ile Adulawo is a sacred and secret fellowship society, secret in the meaning that we don’t promote and solicit presence and involvement. We are instructed by the ancestors to be present and visible for the godheads of others and ancestral spirits so that they may be guided to seek out the collective and find the Ile and its members to be structured and disciplined in their existence and understanding, not to do so is a breaking of taboos.

Principle Thirteen – Ile Adulawo members must maintain the proper overall appearance and personality at all times. Communication is key so that what is being displayed will not find itself misunderstood or taken the wrong way. All things must be communicated and presented for what they are, not to do so is a breaking of taboos.


Principle Fourteen - ILE ADULAWO is overseen by a council of elders. 36 in total 16 and 1 out of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa, 9 out of Angola, Congo and 9 out of Benin, West Africa and 1 elder Master Teacher, Priest out of Yewaland, East Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa. The ancestral base and structure of ILE ADULAWO are Nigerian, Benian, and Angolan, Congo making our spiritual study, practice and worship a mixture of three: Kambiesi from the Angolan Congo;Ifa, Egungun, and Orisa from Nigeria’s Yorubaland; and Voudun from Benin. Fusion of the three into one has given birth to the practice of SHALIMBA.

Shalimba is many things, a spiritual practice that emerged from the backdrop of slavery that has been leading a spiritual revolution here in the US for almost 700 years. Shalimba is easily set apart from the rest for Shalimba embraces and embodies Awo, secret. Shalimba does not advertise, promote, nor solicit involvement. Shalimba lies in waiting, waiting for ones godhead and ancestral spirits to lead them to one of its living and breathing representatives to learn its secrets and mysteries laws and protocols. And to not do so is a breaking of taboos a divulging of secrets and mysteries that the repercussions and consequences can result in death, illness, an assortment of afflictions on self, children and family members and can result in the bringing to fruition of family curses.

Spirituality is not a GAME! Spirituality is, has been, and always will be the up close and personal, respectful dealings and interactions with spirits, negative and positive, male and female, by name. The disrespecting of this understanding can prove and result fatal in many mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial ways


Principle Fifteen – At ILE ADULAWO constructive criticism will be given often. So if you are a thin-skinned individual. You may want to give what is being stated some serious consideration as it pertains to you moving forward with us. In life we all get tested over and over and over again. Without the challenges and the obstacles we would not be able to acquire the mental, physical, and spiritual abilities that are needed to grow and progress us as devotees and practitioners.

  ILE ADULAWO would like to point out and indicate that tone is not a sign of disrespect. Tone merged with a disrespectful content of what is being articulated is. We bring this to light because our leader and Chief Priest Oloye Awo Kongolini Zulu Mau is a man of weight and stature. He stands at almost seven feet and weighs in at almost three-hundred pounds. He is a dark-skinned, bald-headed, bearded being and on occasion can be misperceived for what he is not. There is a distinguishing difference between aggression, anger and disrespect versus passion and strength. Baba is a very strong and passionate soul that is proactively lead by his godhead and ancestral spirit body and once you are in his space and begin to engage his high energy and vibration you will observe and witness the spiritual, ancestral phenomenon that takes place when he is being used by the ancestors when they are leading, guiding and speaking through him loudly.

  Life is perception so please do not perceive this blessing as a negative. For any and all things said and spoken by this man pertaining to you and your growth, progression and overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being hails from a good place. No matter how painful the message can be we acknowledge the message, we don’t condemn the messenger. Baba always says, “Truth often comes in the appearance of offence because the truth is the one thing that most people have the hardest time embracing, especially as it pertains to themselves.”


Principle Sixteen – ILE ADULAWO Leadership is exactly the epitome of that, Leadership. The ones you have exercised your God-given free will to allow to lead you mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually and financially in your growth and evolution to evolve you in your being on your way to your life’s manifest destiny. At this immediate moment in time within the borders of the United States, ILE ADULAWO has three members of the hierarchy of leadership on the first tier and one on the second. First-tier leadership is balanced in duality One Chief Priest, the patriarch of ILE ADULAWO and two matriarchs, to his right and left in support and maintaining order and protocol are two Iyanifas, the high priestesses entitled separate and in part, the arms of ILE ADULAWO. The fourth member that occupies the second tier of leadership is an initiated Awo, practitioner, intelligent, educated and well-balanced in his tempering and training, committed and extremely supportive of all. Standing and waiting to participate and do his part in the structuring and building of the second tier and we hope and pray he will not occupy that second tier alone for long.


We must be perfectly clear on this. We all, who are present, as member and devotees of the spiritual body of ILE ADULAWO are not equals. Equals and minuses pertain to mathematics not structured spiritual leadership. We are not peers in this spiritual fashion but individuals called to fulfil roles and to play their own part in their contribution and support to the overall spiritual body. Familiarity breeds contempt that is why to be familiar is a breaking of taboos and can be called for a decision to be made that can lead to an action of spiritual discipline or ones, or however many involved removal and detachment from the ILE ADULAWO spiritual body. All priests, priestesses, high priests and high priestesses must be acknowledged and dealt with in the highest positive regard.