How We Execute It All

Phase One

One, one’s mate and/or family is engaged in a long in-depth dialogue about how we are going to go about bringing about mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial growth and progression. Everything stops, starts, ends, begins and revolves around divination.


The spiritual consulting of the Sacred Oracle in which at that time things will be revealed about the past, present, and future. An intimate session that the crucial and pertinent questions of life get asked and answered with the recommended spiritual prescription that will remedy and remove all that is negatively present at that moment in time with the power of ebo, sacrifice.

Phase Two

Now we will enter into a much deeper course of action, ritualistically speaking, and engage you with a series of head cleanings and head feedings leading into a regiment of internal and external cleansings. Once completed we will resume our position and posture back in front of the Sacred Oracle for confirmation that all that was negative in, on, and around you has been elevated, lifted and removed from your personal being.


Once confirmation of this has been gained and permission has been given to move forward we will consult the Sacred Oracle once again in requesting an understanding about what form of protection that is needed to invoke peace and prosperity. Once that information has been gathered we will custom form and create and consecrate and birth what is needed and place it in the recommended place upon your person. At this point, you should feel a lift, a form of elevation and clarity that did not have prior to ritual engagement.

Phase Three

The Grounding and Elevation Ritual and Rites of Passage is Part One of a three-part pinnacle process that is crucial in the primary steps to ones mental physical and spiritual growth and evolution.

NOTE: The process in which we are about to discuss is the main reason why we don’t have the most effective, spiritually elite practitioner performances taking place within our communities, and the world society at large. Too much focus on money leading to improper initiations and a rushed ritual process that does not result positively nor lead to a healthy spiritual evolution leaves most with a bad head too weak to produce a respectable level of Iwa.


The 256 Odu oracle states that when we descended from Orun, heaven and fertilized our Mother’s womb we lost all we knew in the process. And in a perfect world we would have been born into an indigenous societal setting of a family with a strong spiritual base that would have had our mental, physical, spiritual ancestral teachings in place already prepared to welcome you into the world, an elder ready to teach you, prepare you, and rear you in the understanding of your ancestry. But now open up your eyes and realize that is a dream and not a reality. We live in neither an indigenous society nor an eldered-mentored society we live in a European, commercialized, and capitalistic, microwave society where many want everything quick fast in a hurry without properly engaging the preliminary steps of growth.  A society that operates on instant gratification and driven by money, control and power. So we can only hope that our information will invoke an awakening that will attract you to the understanding of what is needed and openly provided by us.


Back to the three most important steps that one must take to opening a door that leads to a wealth of ancestral knowledge wisdom and understanding. The human body is 100% organic matter that requires a vitamin, herbal and mineral regiment to sustain itself, things like iron, copper, and zinc, the same elements that are found in us are found in our Earth Mother that we walk upon. Grounding us to her creating the first parallel connection between us and the Earth that we hail from. But this cannot be said in reference to one’s spirit for it hails from a non-earthly dimension and does not require to be connected to it, but it does require elevation and extension like an antennae possessing the ability to attune your spirit to a higher spiritual frequency bringing about the clarity that is needed to hear clearly divine spiritual instruction and guidance that plays a very important part in being a major component in one's ability to discern life and navigate properly in the direction of destiny.


Part Two Ori, The Godhead

The word Ori means head. And life is perception. So most assume, why do I need what I already have? Because one, it is the physical head that is crowned upon your shoulders and under the umbrella of the spiritual godhead rebirth process is a ritual initiation that will awaken the higher consciousness of your godhead, connecting you at the highest level under the Creator itself and exalting you above all spirit beings, entities, deities, divinities and Orisas. The only existence, power, and presence that sits higher than one’s godhead is the divine perfect being that we call Olodumare, God, itself making the ritual initiation and the receiving of the Ori icon the most pinnacle initiation, transformation, rebirth needed for the mental, physical, and spiritual evolutionary process.


Part Three The Ancestral Rituals, Rites and Initiations

We live in a world that has too many priests and priestesses and not enough devotees. Because in this day and time everyone wants to be the head. But the true reality of it all is in the land from which these indigenous spiritual practices hail, the overwhelming majority of their inhabitants are devotees that are heavily ancestrally influenced, not priests, priestesses, high priests, or high priestesses. So it is very important that we respect and not disrespect the natural order of things. Let it be understood a priest or priestess is born not made, paid for or manufactured. And the 256 Odu Oracle makes this understood in the most undeniable fashion. There are only a few Odus within the 256 Odu Oracles that even call to order the crowning of heads for the sake of communal priesthood participation and involvement within society as it pertains to Babalawos and Iyanifas and they are not one in the same.


Oturupon Irete

Oturupon Okanran

Obara Osa

Owonrin Rosun

Ogunda Ogbe

Ogunda Okanran

Ogunda Irete

are just to name a few.


The feminine and the masculine energy are called forth in part to fulfil different roles under the umbrella of duality. Too many heads and not enough devotees is a conflict of interest of epic proportion. As we are already witnessing the manifestations of in present-day society. The ancestral practice and worship is the nucleus leading to all human spiritual participation, interactions and dealings on all levels. For they provide the blueprint, the resumed work order for work left unfinished by previous ancestors who have made their transition. The highlighted understanding of what needs to be continued. And very importantly there is an order of seniority pertaining to the caregivers, the caretakers and the one or ones who establishes an open forum of communication by way of obi, eight or four-cowrie shell divination.


And for those who are born outside of indigenous borders, utilize what is available, consent to an African Ancestry DNA test before even approaching the possibility of initiation. And if an Awo or Babalawo tells you that you are called to initiate into the oracle and after doing so if you find yourself being told that you are now an Awo or Iyanifa request him to produce the Odu verse that states so loudly. We exercise the laws of common sense and intelligence, always, we are Ori dictated, Ancestrally based, and oracle navigated with the assistance of the Orisa and other spiritually inherited spirit groups and affiliations.


Even though we have been indigenously initiated in a few places extending outside of the borders of the United States, we have arrived at this spiritual place of practice successfully because of the time invested in our study, practice and the worship of that which has manifested itself greatly on a multi-faceted level as it has pertained to our mental, physical, spiritual, sexual and financial growth and progression as individuals, families, operating unifiably in our communities positively and now moved and motivated to share that which has been positively achieved with you and yours to be shared with your community and loved ones for your personal mental, physical, and spiritual evolutionary growth and progression on your path to your lives manifest destiny. We will never be able to practice what we have been initiated into in the same form and fashion as it is practised in its native land here in the US for many reasons.


It's all about the teachings, principles, training, and the knowledge wisdom and the understanding of it all not the taking on of the external appeal of other cultures. We are not about being fake and putting on airs and fronts trying to take on externally what cannot be taken on internally.  If you shed all the labels stickers tags and titles, what do you have left?  Divine ancestral knowledge.  The covering appeal of it all creates bias, prejudice, mental handicaps and barriers that separate and stops individuals from properly obtaining, retaining, and sustaining themselves with the much-needed information that would actually unify and bring people together.  Ultimately bringing a solution to world cultural and societal problems.   It's all about proper initiations rituals and rights of passage. The knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and training that hails from it and being empowered to bring it all back to the land that is stained with your ancestors blood and filled with their bones! It's all about elevating fallen ancestral souls, to gain the divine knowledge wisdom and understanding, to grow and progress yourself your Family and your people in your community mentally physically spiritually sexually and financially. To a place of empowerment!

Committed I am. -Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-