Come let us all gather at the well and draw water from it, perform Omi Tutu and sing the songs of our fallen Ancestors.

Let us play instruments.

Let us rejoice at the sight of Egungun dancing and listen to our voices echo so that they may hear us.

Let us acknowledge them, honor them, pay homage to all of them.

Let us chant the words and make the ebo sacrifice that will empower them.

A celebration, reparation of spirit to elevate their souls and invoke the healing of the hearts of man so that the Ase that will come from it will calm nations and bring an end to wars.

Let the children grow. Let the children play. So that the children may be able to grow up say one day, ”There were those who stood their ground in the face of death, struggle, and adversity.

So that the legacy offspring of enslaved Africans could live on.”-Kongolini Zulu Mau-

We at ILE ADULAWO practice SHALIMBA, that emerged from the backdrop of slavery and ignited a spiritual revolution.  The ancestral call that brought the Oracle, Orisa, and Egungun to the Americas. A spiritual derivative system of survival that has been practised here in the US for almost 700yrs now. It is Ori dictated, Ancestrally based and oracle navigated with the assistance of the Orisa and other spiritually inherited spirit groups and affiliations.


There are many misconceptions about the spiritual practices here in America. People make many assumptions that if something is not on the internet or in a book that it is nonexistent. This is a falsehood. Organically and from a tabooish perspective, many spiritual metaphysical holistic-minded individuals steer away from technology because of the interference that it brings in disrupting the organic human vortex and books because of the breaking of spiritual laws and taboos in violation of the secrets and mysteries. Until now, the ancestors have called upon me and many like me, The Inheritors of Ancestral Knowledge and the Perpetuators of Their Ways. And they have revealed to me the actions that I must take navigating me down the path of redemption of a people, culture, tradition and spiritual practices that impact our everyday lives in so many ways unknown to many.


Even though the members of ILE ADULAWO leadership have been indigenously initiated in a few places extending outside of the borders of the United States, such as Yorubaland, Benin and Angola Congo we have arrived at this spiritual place of practice successfully because we are clear we will never be able to practice what we have been initiated into in the same form and fashion as it is practiced in its native land here in the US for many reasons.


It's all about the teachings, principles, training, and the knowledge wisdom and the understanding of it all not the taking on of the external appeal of other cultures! We are not about pretending and putting on airs and fronts trying to take on externally what we cannot take on internally!


It's all about proper initiations rituals and rights of passage! The knowledge wisdom and understanding training that hails from it and being empowered to bring it all back to the land that is stained with your Ancestors blood and filled with their bones!


Shalimba will succeed where all else has failed because we have a strong Ancestral foundation, cultural diversity, unity.  We are disciplined and focused and set to our purpose of fulfilling our ancestral duties for which we have been spiritually employed here from heaven, Orun. 


Shalimba was and still is an oral spiritual tradition. Prayers, chants, incantations, invocations, divination, spiritual alchemy and meditation based and structured. We meditate to center and focus. Pray in giving praise, reverence and worship to the Creator, our god-head, Ori, the Ancestors, Egbe, Iyaami Osooronga, the covenant of the witches, the Mothers of the Night, the gatekeeper and key master, owner of roads, Esu, Fumbe, non-ancestral related support spiritual groups.


Our Ancestors used incantations and invocations to empower in times of spiritual emergency and to call upon the powers of all spirits, deities, and divinities in our time of need heavily subscribing to the school of chanting, growing their ability to obtain and retain massive amounts of information pertaining to their spiritual study, practice and worship. And exercising the Ase power of ebo making, drawing from the Ase that was given to all animals by Olodumare, the divine creator that is why animal sacrifice is necessary. Ancestral information such as spiritual alchemy is taught to select god-heads, those that are unique in retaining information of their culture and tradition, keepers of the oral tradition and knowledge of many forms of divination.


The Ancestors and the Iyaami Osooronga, Mothers of the Night are two of their primary influences and strongest forms of spiritual navigation. ILE ADULAWO high priests and high priestesses are Ifa oracle guided individuals. Through special forms of divination, we are able to access information of the past, present and future, perform ancestral readings, and even tap into a before life understanding of being. We are a people that subscribe to an ancestral reincarnated understanding that each of us is an ancestor returned.


The blood that flows through your veins is a connection from you all the way to your first ancestors on both their mother’s and father’s side of the ancestral fence.


We celebrate the duality of all things, the sun a male principle, the moon a female principle; The day a positive principle, the night a negative principle. Man and woman, fire and water, and an acknowledgement of all the elements.


We acknowledge Mother Earth on a deep spiritual level. Ancestrally people of harvest. For the harvest was symbolic in nature as an announcement of the beginning of a new year.


We acknowledge cosmic, negative and positive mitigating forces and the sustaining of the balance between the two. Our Ancestors were a people strong in the practice of juju as it relates to light and dark arts. They were a people of rhythm and beat, dance and drum. For they acknowledged the understanding that we are a spiritual and harmonious people walking in beat and rhythm.


For we are a drum in part, voice box a drum, two eardrums, a heart that beats and every breath we take sustaining every breath of life. SHALIMBA IS NOT A RELIGION It is a culture, a tradition, a revolution, a way of life, all about elevating fallen ancestral souls, to gain the divine knowledge wisdom and understanding, to grow and progress yourself your Family and your people in your community mentally physically spiritually sexually and financially. To a place of empowerment! Ase

Committed I am -Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-