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April 19, 2016

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December 27, 2011

Aboru aboye abosise. I greet all the Elders and all those who stand strong on the truth that the Oracle represents in the mighty name of Orunmila... Greetings family. There are things that need to be addressed. We are living in some turbulent and trying times. Life as we know it and the world around us is changing drastically. It is time to have a meeting of the minds. In order to sustain victoriously on a mental, physical, spiritual and financial level, we need to formulate a unified understanding of these things. I have always been taught that in order for life to progress successfully, it must have a strong foundation, structure and plan. And that all stops, starts, end and begin with the mental, physical, spiritual and financial understanding.


Many ethnic groups take care and sustain themselves collectively on all these levels. The Jewish, the Asian, the Portuguese, all Latino/Hispanic groups, so on and etc. So many of us at this time are dying a slow death and not even aware of it. We are dealing with more than a recession. We are dealing with a global monster that is now wreaking havoc in the Diaspora, eating and devouring all and anyone that it comes into contact with that are ill prepared in their understanding of its existence. This monster is growing stronger and stronger every day. And once it has had its fill, it will continue its destruction, wreaking havoc, killing, stealing and destroying anyone that is unaware in its path. We need to ask ourselves some real life questions. In a country where we have over 3000 homeless families a month, in a country where already 1 out of 2 Americans are classified as low income, how would I be impacted if I lost my job and was not able to retain another in a sufficient amount of time? How long would I be able to survive on that which I have saved if I have saved anything at all? Hundreds of thousands of people here in the Diaspora have lost jobs and homes and the numbers still continue to increase. The powers that be are no longer entertaining the existence of those individuals classified as middle class. This particular group of individuals is being dissolved as we speak and the dial is now set to “The Rich and The Poor”, “The Haves and The Have Not’s”. Prison construction in this country is at an all time high and it has a new face. WHY? These prisons are corporate owned and operated for the sake that the overwhelming amount of big industries have been outsourced to other countries and these companies in no way, shape, size or form can afford to employ the large volume of unemployed. American companies that remain have now begun to set up and align themselves as incarcerated corporate institutions. Please research this for yourself. What are we going to do about us? The ancestors are calling for freedom and the unification and the liberation of the indigenous offspring of mother Africa to rise up and stand strong on the shoulder of those that came before us, to embrace the indigenous understanding and manifest it in a modern day reality. Ask yourself standing naked as the day you were born in front your mirror, who am I, what do I stand for, what do I represent and where do I come from outside of what’s plastered across my birth certificate, social security card and driver’s license? Am I true and set to my ancestral purpose? Am I walking the path to my life’s manifest destiny? It is time to get clear family. Life has never been a game or a joking matter. First law of nature: self preservation, preservation of one’s offspring and one’s race and we are all members of that indigenous ancestral family but we are not collectively utilizing the Ase power that has been handed down to us. Our survival depends upon it.


Oracle is our refuge, our safety net, our strong hold and our life line into the future but who is willing to stand and tow the line, display courage and be resilient against all odds. This is not a popularity contest family. This is all about our survival and long term existence for future generations.


There needs to be a starting point and that starting point is the New World Indigenous Society of the Oracle and Yoruba Cultural Affairs, a gift given by my Ori, Oracle and the ancestors - a global organization that is the first of its kind giving us global, national and international domain and sovereignty in its registration and application. The world as we know it is not run by the many. It is controlled, ruled and regulated by a chosen few who have been dotting “I’s and crossing “T’s” and connecting dots on us mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and sexually for a long, long, long time now. It is time to break the shackles of mental, physical, spiritual, and financial and sexual slavery to reclaim our lives, family and those around us. Education is the key. Ignorance and fear are the biggest viruses that plague us but there is a cure, Oracle. So let us come together, bridge the gap and open the way to a bigger, better, brighter future. The children deserve the kingdom.


I am - Kongolini Zulu Mau - and I stand COMMITTED!!!




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