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April 19, 2016

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January 10, 2014

There is a BEING and That BEING is YOU! An extension of that which is GOD itself, not in whole but in part; a part that has been shared with a purpose, that is all that is needed a small piece from what is Divine and PERFECT in BEING! But the mystery lies in the activation of that DIVINE piece of SELF!


It's time to turn the COMMERCIALISM off, all the speaking to energy and vibration without the acknowledgment of origin. So much talk of spirit without the mention of NAME! How can you INVOKE that which you cannot even call by NAME? Stop! Stop! Please STOP! You are FOOLING NO ONE BUT YOUR SELF! And wasting a whole lot of time, and WHY? YOU have the piece.


Know and UNDERSTAND that an enlightened being takes on the FORM and ACTIONS of an enlightened being, possessing and displaying that which is SUPERNATURAL! Not an overly exaggerated appeal of what is perceived to be Supernaturally Connected! You know that whole "I GOT THE POWER" thing. Okay! Well put the individual or individuals to the TEST and make them PROVE IT!


Do you remember the Principles of ACTION, REACTION, CAUSE AND EFFECT? Well I will tell you this, if the ONLY action is TALK and the only REACTION is YOU, attentively following the appeal of what’s is in front of you, for their own personal cause and it is not SHARED or your OWN! And the Only MAGIC that is taking place is the MONEY that is DISAPPEARING out of your BANK ACCOUNT! Come on, how long are you going to let this go on? Get out in front of your FEARS and bring the MADNESS to an END! Every time you allow yourself to FALL for what is not REAL! You put up a BIG WALL BETWEEN you and your DESTINY! Time to Prove the FAKES wrong! Take the steps needed to FREE YOUR SELF! And bring an END to SPIRITUAL SLAVERY. The Ancestors have been waiting long enough! And THINK what will become of your children’s future if you don’t. If you wont fight for them, there are those of us who will!.


COMMITTED I am - Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-



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