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In this day and time it’s time for us to quickly realize what is going on in the world around us pertaining to the overall sustaining of human existence upon this planet. There are those who feel that they reign supreme and seek daily to tighten and progress their grasp of overall global supremacy. But unity is the key. For the ones who are motivated with the need to enslave others are few in number but we are many. Open your eyes and take a much deeper up close and personal look at the foundation and structure and overall dynamic of your resident country.

Take out the time to study and research your country’s resources and how they reflect the world market of wealth. Business is based and established on supply and demand, commerce, the exchange of goods and services: this is your salvation, learn it and learn it well for it is time. It is time to abolish rich and poor and bring back the overall ability to sustain humanity fairly and equally.

There are too many profiteering from that which they will never be able to fully benefit from; an accumulation of wealth that is not needed to sustain them, while many of us suffer from a lack of economic support. The greedy are purposefully and deliberately stepping on the needs of others. Greed, the green-eyed monster is foaming at the mouth, mad-dogging its way through world societies, infringing upon cultures, traditions, morals, standards and destroying historical ways of life. In its wake are left the inheritors of death, destruction, war, poverty and overall misfortune of being too humble and moral to take out the time to see the evil in men before they do.

The world is a market place full of opportunities for everyone to benefit and live a very happy and fulfilled life but there are many things in this day and time that must change. Many of us have built and established boundaries around our thinking that has created handicaps and prejudice within us and we are totally unaware of this fact. One of the biggest obstacles that needs to be negotiated and challenged head on is religion and politics. Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism and Islam have created more problems than it has ever solved; for the people involved are so occupied in their thinking pertaining to who is right or wrong that many needs of the people are not being acknowledged and met. And what is worse than death, is suffering, and many suffer because of it. Religion and politics has brought about more wars and division within global societies than anything else. Let us make reference to the Bible, the Kabbalah, the Torah and the Qur’an. If we were to shred the outer covering and remove the title that appears on the outer surface and just examine the contents within the four books, connecting all positive parallels, what would we be left with? Moral fortitude? It is the labels, stickers, tags and titles that is causing the confusion, division and breeding hatred. There are too many positive parallels within religion for it to be as negative as it is. If something is positive then it should reflect positively if something is negative, then it will impact negatively. Elevate your understanding, people of world societies and realize that there is something much smaller than you that is orchestrating a much larger picture. And in the painting of this picture you are the loser and so there must be a winner. And there is.

Set your sights upon who is controlling you mentally, physically and spiritually, those are the ones who are winning. Pay attention to the new foundation and structure of your society and ask yourself is it growing and evolving to your benefit and others like you and if the answer is no, change has to come. For if you open your eyes to see, the rights and the wrongs will reveal themselves to you and life will become much clearer.

Denial is not your friend. Fear is not real, but danger is. And the present danger is impeding global society as a whole and impacting humanity on a more negative level than positive. And in the process, there is the presence of youth, the children, the seeds of ancestral legacies and in their present existence lies the proof of how long your ancestry has sustained itself upon this mother planet. You are a living, breathing testament of over a million years of human existence. A world before religion, a world before politics, a world before the degradation and disrespect of our earth mother. The revolution of change lives and dwells within the heart of the people and it must be resurrected now, for the gate has been left open and the mad cow has gone out into the world to spread disease. We need our earth mother to sustain our human existence. We need each other in our coming together to unify. We need to shred all labels, stickers, tags and titles and set our eyes upon Africa.

Africa is the mecca, the source, the nucleus, the organic database that houses all global ancestral DNA. It is time to see clearly and begin to work hard, sacrifice, invest wisely and do our due diligence in reestablishing our lost ancestral connection to Africa. For Africa holds the wealth that will sustain the spiritually just and morally righteous members of humanity. Let us bridge all gaps that separate us from Africa. For Africa is our salvation and our liberation in establishing the world our children need to survive and grow and flourish peacefully in. But it all starts, stops, ends, and begins with us. Let us do what has never been done. Live free to be better beings. For a better world today. To establish global freedom tomorrow. One World Africa for One World People.

Gather and sit and share at the table of ancestral knowledge, wisdom and understanding. For DNA is the answer, use this information to recalibrate our present existence. And implement the cure that is needed to bring an end to our present mental, physical, spiritual, cultural, traditional and economical paralysis. We the people stand as a people for all people who make up the members of global society, one ancestral body reborn in the true understanding of ourselves: freedom, justice, equality, growth and progression. Positive and peaceful living, dwelling within love and happiness for global growth, progression and overall evolution. The children deserve the kingdom. Stand up and fight now or be enslaved until death!

Committed I am -Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-

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