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March 28, 2014

 My Son,

Continue to be the man that I birthed you to be. Walk strong and upright confidently. I was there the day the ancestors called on you and you answered proudly, like I knew you would my Son.


Oh what a Strong Black Panther you are! Strong in your black! You have grown into what the world is most in need of A Strong Positive Spiritually Motivating Force! You are being Seen and Heard, Loudly! The eyes of the world are on you. Your Ori is activated. Let the wisdom of your godhead be given! TEACH, TEACH, TEACH My Son!


Come closer, so that I may be able to speak softly your name in a whisper!


The Ancestors named you and I claimed you, GOD crowned you In ODU!!! So Rule with words of Truth and Wisdom! Be Righteous and Understanding always! KING Warrior continue to stand the front line knee deep in the blood of the fallen, breathing fire and swinging blue steel. The spiritual revolution has begun. Keep me in your heart, Mother is near!!!


Mother I hear you! Thank you for the Blessings only a Mother could give. I hear and I will obey. Mother let me whisper in your ear and ask the question that NO ONE needs to hear!


Yes My Son, I can hear you loud and clear. And the answer to your question is yes! KNOW this: You have GREATNESS in you. Embrace it. You are a Gift from GOD! And I, your Mother, and the Ancestors made the Ultimate Sacrifice and gave you to the World. Know this! I have seen and witnessed your many mistakes because of the Big Heart that I have given you my Son. Do not allow the actions of past deeds to diminish your accomplishments for your victories far outweigh your defeats.


I, and Olodumare, God will always forgive you even when the world will not. For the mistakes that were made were made out of LOVE for others that you cared for more then they cared for themselves. Never again let your Big Heart get in the way of your Reason. Let your Spirit be lifted and your body be grounded in the joy of knowing that you are never alone. There is a Legion of Ancestral Warriors walking with you, always in support of you, with Me, watching from Orun, heaven. You have an Oracle. Ogun is your father and Sango will always protect you as Esu holds open wide your doors and roads and clears your way. And you possess so many Gifts of the Spirit. Use your POWER for Good, My Son! Olodumare, God does not create mistakes! Others like you have already begun to seek you out, so be patient. HELP is on the way!


The Call has gone out! Look for them, they are coming. And when they arrive share with them that which has been given, the secrets and mysteries of the ancestors. For the war that you all will fight is spiritual.


Support you! Support you! They will! So that the people will be free! The ancestors have given you the message. And you have given the message freely with no hesitation. Be on the lookout for those wearing cloaks and carrying daggers, moving in and out of smoke and mirrors. Listen for the echoes of the footsteps of them that listen and watch closely, LIKE MINDED!!!. Rise up! It's time for you to be all that you can be! This time will never come again. So take each other’s hands in Support of one another.


Don't understand. STAND! Over stand or inner- stand! Just STAND TOGETHER!!! Share my words with the world!!! -Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-

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