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We, the people, members and leadership of the global spiritual metaphysical holistic, organic, indigenous, sub-indigenous and spiritual derivative communities of the world.

I greet all elders, priests, priestesses, high priests, high priestesses and devotees of all systems and spiritual walks of life. Let my words be respectfully received and acknowledged warmly.

We inhabit and walk the ground of our Earth Mother. Human in our being, part godhead, part spirit, body temple host, an inherited gift of organic matter from our Mother Earth. We look and gaze upon the same sky, moon, sun, stars, space but occupying a different place than our ancestors did. In our growth and evolution, human in our present being, on a spiritual mission here in this marketplace to continue the agenda of our ancestors, those who came before us, whose shoulders we stand upon.

Some things change but some things were intended to stay the same by the Creators design. And we are a living creation, a mind, body, and spirit component being. In this present day and time the spiritual understanding of things has gone to the left. Many labels stickers tags and titles have been implemented and placed upon that which does not require a name for it already has one. TRUTH. ANCESTRAL TRUTH. Information, secrets and mysteries, that has been gathered and passed on pertaining to our mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial growth, progression and evolution from generation to generation for over a million years of our human existence in this Earth place and space.

But there is a certain group of individuals who lust for and seek after the power of the divine and these individuals have interjected many new negative ideals into world races, cultures, traditions, and their spiritual practices. And many have allowed themselves to be infected by this negative, consciously or subconsciously. There is a very big distinguishing difference between spirituality and religion, truth and belief. Spirituality hailing from its indigenous birthplace of creation is, has been, and always will be the up close and personal dealings and interactions with spirits both negative and positive, male and female, fully acknowledged by name: Deities, Orisas, Ancestors, God, divine itself and many other spiritual groups. Spirituality is an oral powered understanding, founded and structured upon prayers, chants, incantations, invocations, meditation and divination and the much necessary need to perform sacrifice; tools that posses the power to reveal that which is not known, the manifestation of truth and how it accurately applies to our life reality. Spirituality is not religion.

The original, now hidden definition of the broken English word religion is “to rule, regulate and control the minds of the masses for the purpose of power and financial gain.”

Religion, a form of slavery that has only been in existence for less than 5000 years; Man-made and orchestrated; The foundation and structure, the nucleus to the evil that men do. If in your misunderstanding, you perceive spirituality to be religion, than you will treat it as such, consciously or subconsciously. Spiritual derivative systems such as Vodoun, Candomble, Santeria, Palo, Lucumi now Akan, Oracle, Orisa and Egungun of Yorubaland, Nigeria has now become globally popular in its appeal. But the understanding hailing from the source of it all, the indigenous people who practice these great ancestral spiritual traditions are born of it. Divination is performed before their birth. Even their names carry great significance in the forming and navigating of them to their destiny. There are many individuals in the world who are ancestrally identity-less. And because of this fact, they invest a lot of time, energy, and effort in pursuing the appeal of cultures that are not their own, taking on names and external appeal they cannot even internalize, all in the name of entitlement, motivated by a strong desire to be seen, heard, and respected. But at the end of the day, most walk away with a fragmented impression, understanding about that which they still know so little about. How many have been initiated but never trained by the initiator. Who benefits in situations like this?

Spiritual derivative systems have been transformed into a billion dollar industry. The selling of spiritual appeal has become quite profitable. And any time you have the presence of money, especially in large amounts, money attracts the frauds, fakes, cons, and charlatans of the world and brings about a community of great pretenders. There is always someone who seems to always financially benefit from it all. It is time for a great awakening in the human understanding of that which is spiritual. When any or all things negative is present then it manifests as so negatively. When one truly encounters that which is spiritual and invests their time, energy, effort and money into it there is an awakening, a spiritual rebirth transformation that should take place; positive, impactful, life altering change. But how many of you can testify to the fact that the only thing that changed was the exchange of your money from your hand to another’s. Again, what was the outcome? And who financially benefited? And who did not benefit spiritually? Right now, in this moment, if what you are involved in is not growing you, progressing you and evolving you positively in a mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial way. You are worse off than ever before.

Accountability, how do we hold those in contempt who have violated our deep ancestral drive to discover the truth of ourselves, without violating taboos and suffering the repercussions and consequences of an ugly that we did not initiate? The answer is, take out the time to empower yourself by way of education. Take your time, study, research, and connect the positive parallels in that which you have discovered. Take out the time to find one individual that is willing to teach you. Much emphasis on the word TEACH. If you have presently found yourself living under the umbrella of a godfather/godmother scenario, who is the benefactor? If your presence in their life is benefiting them more than their presence in your life is benefiting you, there is a problem. And that is why I stress the importance of finding a teacher for the definition itself makes the relationship clear and understood. For if you are not being taught, then the laws of common sense will kick in and you will take your exit.

Words, in themselves, are power. There is a world of difference between truth and belief. A belief system is predicated on that which cannot be proven or has not been proven. That’s why it is called belief. A very powerful word that reinforces its presence with the absence of the information needed, leaving one in a state of unsurety. And when one is unsure, operating in an unsure state of mind, unsurety brings about an inadequacy that reinforces fear. Truth represents itself, based and established on the foundation of actual and factual, proven and manifested information. Life is not based and established nor predicated on what anyone thinks, feels, believes or has faith in. Life is based and established on what we know, what we don’t know, what we can understand, do and manifest. One cannot do nor operate in the action of doing anything that they do not know to be true. Not by what has been told but by what has been manifested in your lives by the power of your own hands or the power and understanding of those in the leadership lead, senior position within the senior/junior relationship; Teacher to student, Father to son, Mother to daughter, Elder to junior, etc.

I am calling out to all facets of spiritual leadership for us to step forth and do what those who hail from a divine spirit and have been born from a Mother have been placed here to do. Priests, priestesses, high priests and high priestesses are born, not purchased nor manufactured possessing the Ase and the ability to access the divine ancestral knowledge, wisdom and understanding that is enscripted in our spiritual DNA. The Ase that will activate our Ori, godhead and lead us to a source of truth that we will be able to obtain, retain and utilize this truth to sustain ourselves, our families, children, and communities, collectively impacting our societies at large.

Stand strong people on the foundation of the greatness of your ancestry! Do not allow yourself to be discouraged for you do play a part in the grand scheme of it all. These negative individuals are needed for negative and positive operate within duality. Negative plays its part for negative is here to test you, to see who is really paying attention. You will never find TRUTH running with the crowd. For truth is not popular because truth reveals that which many wish to keep hidden. Truth often reveals itself in the form of offense because it is the one thing that so many do not wish to hear. Truth is powerful and strong and never can be wrong. Humble yourself and yield to the truth no matter how much time, energy, effort and money has been sacrificed in your past efforts. There is no such thing as a waste, only lessons to be learned. Because it will be the obstacles and the challenges of life that will mold us and shape us into the individuals that will possess the power to positively impact and motivate others to their path that will lead them to their destiny. It is the only formula that will transform you into a strong powerful spiritually motivating force of a being, advocating for spiritual world peace, love and harmony. It is never too late. Divine spiritual intervention possesses the power to make all wrongs right.

Committed I am!! –Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau- ‪#‎Ancestraltruth‬

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