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April 19, 2016

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Greetings and peace to the spiritual and metaphysical community; all priests, priestesses, high priests and high priestesses and devotees of all systems. I have pondered, meditated, and prayed over everything that I am about to say. And I hope that my words are respectfully and warmly accepted. For the truth must be spoken.


Look around; take a real deep, in-depth look at every solitary individual around you that calls themselves conscious. What truly makes a man or woman conscious? The amount of books they’ve read and YouTube videos watched? How much information they can apply to memory? How eloquent one can speak? At the end of the day what are they manifesting? What are they manifesting in you, around you and through you and others like you? For the student is the benefactor of the Master Teacher’s knowledge. But the question is, are you a student of the ancient ancestral disciplines, secrets and mysteries? Or, are you a godchild? A loyal subject or financial investor that will never receive a mental, physical and spiritual return. We must shake off allowing ourselves to be razzled and dazzled by individuals with the persona appeal of what’s real but at the end of the day they are not manifesting because truth is not present.


Wake up! Our society is in crisis. Mental slavery is real and many are suffering and dying. And those, upon which you have bestowed the crown of leadership, have lead you where exactly? Everybody wants to be somebody. Popularity is not an indication of truth. But actions that manifest are truly an indication that one is applying the remedy that would ordinarily bring forth calamity. May it be ancestry, Khemet, rap, fade to black. Black people are dying by the thousands at a snap of a finger, so many misguided, No unity or universal change. So where is the mental. Our queens, sisters are dying prematurely. So where is the implemented action to heal thyself? So many chasing and following everything but their ancestral agenda. Mind, body and spirit are not in line. And we as a Black race and a society are running out of time.


They say they’re conscious, put them to the test and tell them to manifest. They say they are spiritual, I say put them to the test and let them manifest. They say they have the answers, I say again, put them to the test, and make them manifest. The time has come and it’s far overdue. All this buffoonery. By now, you should be fed up and through. But you can’t let it go because without it you don’t know what you’re going to do. Even those professing ancestral knowledge can’t manifest it with a religious consciousness. If the information that you subscribe to has not led you in the direction of prayers, chants, incantations, invocations, divination and meditation reinforced by a whole lot of sacrifice of time energy, effort, money and blood founded and structured in spiritual alchemy, what have you accomplished?


Are you bored? I ask because we have had so many leaders rise and so many leaders fall to the point that I feel that so many of you are not even clear in your understanding of what’s real. How long must you continue to listen to the failed blueprints of the past? Are you not clear in your understanding of what success and progress looks and feels like? And how it manifests? We as a people, I say again, are dying. And I would like to know what are those whom you follow doing about it? Nothing! So many fussing and fighting, arguing and debating about who is and who isn’t right. Fighting over the spotlight of who will be the next messiah, playing right into the hands of everything that they claim to despise and criticize. At the end of the day the reality is fighting, fighting each other like a bunch of kids over who’s going to play the part of the Wiz. I was under the impression that Oz was wise.


When will you realize that buffoonery and nigga-ism is not the solution to your problem? When will you realize that you are a mind, body, and spirit component being? How much clearer does the divine have to shine that understanding upon your mind? You are supposed to be an inheritor of ancestral knowledge and a perpetuator of their ways. If you are not a perpetuator of the ancestral way; If you are not operating in the knowledge of self, mind body and spirit; If you do not have a study, practice, and worship agenda that your life is hinged upon to induce your growth, progression, and evolution. If what you are involved in is not progressing you mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually and financially. The question again is, are you bored? Because you are surely not putting the time energy and effort into doing the work, the great work that would liberate you and unify all who are around you. Power starts with one. But is manifested through many. So if the one or the ones you follow study and watch so attentively are not manifesting through you and everyone like you, you are a mental slave living a slow death on your way to the grave.


Wake Up! Committed I am! Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau.



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