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April 19, 2016

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Come Queen,

Let us have this conversation about how often I think of you even though I haven’t met you. Lets talk about all of the things that make you Queen. Starting with your soft spoken words that you always reinforce with powerful actions that mirror each other every time letting me know that you are true and real, real in your understanding of who and what you are what you stand for, represent and come from. As a feminine being, being in the manner of how you co-exist three dimensionally, and how you move, so perfectly a multi dimensional phenomenon of all that is woman. You are, for many are just female, and in this moment I pray and I must sadly say they, and they know who they are, have failed terribly behind allowing themselves to fall victim to an understanding that does not represent knowledge of self or is acknowledged and embraced by their ancestors. A false image that the eyes are open wide shut in this one dimensional matrix trap of a kill box, a ticking time bomb that gives this fraudulent appearance a shelf life, a slow death that will soon be imminent. For they have been taken control of by what they see, hear, eat and drink and by what they think they feel, emotionally handicapped.


The true essence of who they are left untapped. Now lacking the understanding of knowing what is true or false, spiritually homeless living lonely outside themselves in need of what’s inside, why don’t they go back in and take there rightful place and fill the space that will make there void and emptiness disappear for their eyes will fill full of light, and shine bright their way night or day, they will forever see clear, their bodies will ground themselves their spirits will elevate they will manifest strong energy and they will vibrate in a way that will send strong tremors though the earth and put waves upon water. Their eyes will bleed, their spirit and hearts will cry out and they will restore the balance and order and bring an end to the slaughter for they are the life givers the mother of creation their womb the incubator of humanity that can bring fourth the off spring full of divine knowledge wisdom and understanding, that will bring to an end the evil that men do, that will abolish insanity and remove the homicidal appeal make them recognize and respect what is real, true and dear and significant in its creation and replenish the members of society. The Mothers, reestablishing them as the foundation and the structure of there families and communities, matriarchs to the people a bringer of modern day miracles echoing voices that will shatter all that is not diamond and forever shining.


And when this day comes, trust, all real men will feel it, the righteous warriors, because the ancestors will reveal it, the blood in there veins will speak at a very high peak, and those rivers of tears will flow down there cheeks, real men, unstoppable, and they will pick up there mighty swords and spears and they will run and enter in, shield and defend them from the cold storm, keeping them safe and warm and no matter how many cuts and bruises they sustain the women will speak there name loudly and adorn them, caress them, anoint them, kiss them and set off a chain reaction that will descend deep down within them to the place where the pain which has been buried deep down inside will finally be healed.


And in that moment so long overdue, Queen, I have finally found you standing there in that highest place humbly bearing witness to it all with a gratifying look on your face and at that place, in this earthly space the heavens will open and we will embrace and unworthily ascend joining the ranks of divinity divine with the job to procreate this moment over infinity time.


Written by A Son Who Loves His Mother TOO Much

-Kongolini Zulu Mau-


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