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April 19, 2016

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August 2, 2014

A real live Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey society. The biggest joke on Earth! The human condition in this place is dying and undertakers are getting paid to lay our ancestral legacies to rest. It’s RIP people! A nation full of tombstone communities. So full of lecturers, teachers, professors, mentors, pastors, gods, goddesses, priests, priestesses, high priests, high priestesses so why is the work not getting done? You say that you are initiated, so let us begin. So many individuals chasing and pursuing everything except the reason why the ancestors sent them to this realm in the first place. I have never in my life witnessed such a spiritual disconnect. So many inhabitants of this society lacking the mental, physical, spiritual, sexual and financial blueprint. Not received during the formative years of their lives from newborns to the legal one-eight. So it seems, whatever one is lacking turns into a fake it until you make it campaign. 


The mental makeup of most is triple dipped in fantasy and denial. So many spiritual homeless wandering around like zombies, seeking an aspect of them that has never been clearly defined, settling with rock star. So fantasy becomes reality and reality becomes fantasy. And then the pain begins. And for every shortcoming and every mistake made you rationalize and seek another to blame and find your self persecuting others for your own shortcomings. Always seeking to prove others to be as flawed as yourself. They say misery loves company. And no one is perfect. 360 good deeds performed but one bad deed breaks the circle and society will rally to launch that individual into a tailspin of persecution that most never even recover from. Because they were hating on the good deader and planning to celebrate his/her downfall from the beginning. Haters seeking out the weaknesses of others, standing ready to scrutinize all because of what is lacking in self. Walking a path of destruction instead of destiny. 


The social media showcase, oh! What a show it is. So many seek to show everything. Fake smiles, fake hair, fake eyes, fake butts, fake breasts, taking pride in who can twerk the best. And let us not leave out the ever so quick to lift a hand, throw a punch, Neanderthal minded male members who seek to pacify the unquenched fire of anger that burns within them with actions and words of disgust. Ever so ready to be petty and destroy that which is pretty. And you go hard for it. Social media shows everything with no conscience. Always standing ready to show the ugly in all and everybody. 


Everybody is an artist, waving their paintbrushes, always seeking to stain others white clothes. While by interpretation, paint the landscape of life, so ugly and abstract. But, truly, where does the solution to the problems lie? But who is truly ready to remedy the many things that plague us? We have so many roving reporters and conscious speakers to point out and exploit the ugly abstract landscape of life, so much pain and misery that you have now become addicted to it. Spoiled on talk without action, that is your reality. But yet at the same time more than enough individuals to labor for life’s improvements and we will probably witness that reality if the talkers gave the people remedy. 


Where is the unity in action? How can you see pretty when you feel and see so much ugly? In the mirror reflecting ugly self, on the TV reflecting ugly society and on the radio ugly words echoing in your ear, tormented to no peace. Too afraid and full of fear to shut down unplug and just listen to the voices of ancestors speak. The ancestral call is always on loop, consistently and constantly being transmitted for those who have the ears to hear and take out the time to listen. So many speak of spirit without name, energy and vibration without origin and there are all different forms of consciousness. To now know how to properly wipe oneself after a bathroom episode is a level of consciousness. Because at one time soiling oneself without the understanding of how and where to properly relieve oneself came easily. 


So they say, consciousness. I say ANCESTRAL CONSCIOUSNESS. They say nation building. I say SPIRITUAL NATION BUILDING. I say love, honor and elevate the woman. They say money, hoes and clothes. I say power couple they say MOB, money over bitches. I say brotherhood they say smile in your face, always want to take your place, backstabbers. They say read your bible and pray. I say stand and fight. 


Consciousness, what a word! That so many that claim it need to step up and define it in actions and long term manifestation. Where is the example of success in the words you speak? You have not even found success in putting to bed the word Nigga! You will never take back power by embracing the ugly that has been given, wearing it like a fitted cap to the back. But yet you find pride in letting your pants sag. Are you a walking underwear ad...???... Are you a model? What role do you play? 


I have spent a lot of time in museums and libraries. And I have met many museum curators and librarians with a wealth of knowledge, public servants of the people. Conscious body you have knowledge, you are in the public eye but is it open and what purpose are you serving? I have seen and witnessed the sales of cds and books and sold out lecture halls wall to wall and the elevation of the fist that beats the chest of the one who speaks the loudest in the room. Knowledge without a continuing evolution of work and action results in a smart death. But when will you realize that popularity doesn’t make you a problem solver. And speaking truth without actions doesn’t make you God. 


So on that note, when you’re ready to pull out the Ancestral agenda, stand upon it, make it your foundation and your structure. Then you will cease to fill the need to argue fuss and fight and debate. And begin to create the spiritual nation that our ancestors sent us here to orchestrate. The children deserve the kingdom.


Committed I am! Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau.  ‪#‎STARPRIZE‬



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