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April 19, 2016

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January 23, 2015

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People! Let us talk about slavery. As you should know, there are many different forms of slavery. Our ancestors were enslaved almost 700 years ago and in this day of 2015 there are many that are still enslaved. Some even enslaved by our own. This country‘s history is written in our ancestor’s blood and the land is filled with their bones and their souls cry out for the day of redemption of a fallen people, us. 

But how can this ever take place when you have those who seek redemption within a history lesson that ends with no resolve? How will this ever happen? When so many seek redemption from the scriptures, again with no resolve? How do we find redemption entertaining those who wear hats of leadership who once again do not know how to lead and win? How do we gain redemption from those who do not know how to fight a mental, physical and spiritual war? What will be the resolve? In today's time, in the arena of sports as it reflects football and basketball, two, to state a few, Vince Lombardi and Red Auerbach, these two individuals are highly sought after, why? Because they know how to win. So many have become so accustomed to losing that they don’t know how to win. 


Anyone can call themselves a leader, but with the plan to lead you where? How long have you been subscribing to what you have been subscribing to? How long have you been following him/her? And what has been the resolve? Time measures all things. And we as a people are running out of time. At one time there were more African Americans than there were Native Americans here in the United States and now we are the ones facing extinction. 

How long will it take for the majority of us to realize that we are and have been created as a mind, body and spirit component being and that the war against us has always been a mental, physical and spiritual one? And, it has been shown and proven to be an effective one. At one time in our history there were time periods of achievement: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, Montgomery Bus Boycott and Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King leading the Civil Rights Movement, and Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party. 

Huey P. Newton was shot by a 24 year old black man in Oakland CA in 1989 and we were given Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. Since the election of Barack Obama have things gotten better for us as a people in this country. From 2010 to present over 4,828 young people ages 10 to 24 were victims of homicide and just to name a few, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. 

We are dying people. And the big question is, have we ever won? Have we ever gained even one true victory in the name of African American mental, physical, spiritual growth and evolution? No! Every move made, every action taken by our leadership has been counteracted and neutralized. 


So many speak of consciousness. We are in dying need of an intervention the implementation of an ancestral agenda. An ancestral agenda that is mentally, physically, spiritually and financially founded and structured into a plan for the growth and progression of a people. We must spiritually rebuild this nation. But we must spiritually rebuild ourselves first. We must adhere to the secrets and the mysteries of our ancestors. We must implement into our lives a mental, physical and spiritual agenda, a study, a practice, and a worship that will unify us and not divide us. 

I seek 108 like-minded individuals who are willing to dedicate the next 36 months to laying the foundation and structure of an ancestral agenda that will pertain to mental, physical, spiritual and financial growth and evolution leading us down a path to redemption of a people. There will be no intervention until there is a spiritual intervention. There will be no change without unity. And we will never overcome our enemy while our enemy is on looking, watching us fight each other and ourselves. Change comes at a price. And what do we have to lose? We are already dying. The revolution will not be televised because the revolution is a spiritual one. The children deserve the kingdom!


Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau, Committed I am!



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