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October 14, 2015


Greetings from IleAdulawo.org —


Please forgive our tardiness. Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau has become quite popular. His level of popularity has brought about many demands on him and the Ile Adulawo spiritual family. We take out the time to make truth our priority. In 2015 African indigenous Spirituality has become a trend, a fad with so many spiritually window shopping, without ancestral navigation, with no understanding of the spiritual, preliminary steps for growth or protocols. It is very unfortunate that spirituality has become a commodity, a business for many as a way to elevate and promote themselves and exude power and control. The Internet is filling up with individuals who are lining up down the street and around the corner to sell you spirituality and culture.

There is a distinguishing difference between religion and spirituality. The indigenous definition of spirituality is as follows: 

Spirituality is the up close and personal dealings and interactions with spirits; negative and positive, male and female, by name. The Creator is a spirit and you have a spirit dwelling within you, so these are the organic markers that point in the direction of your pursuit for your understanding of your life’s manifest destiny.

Religion is mental slavery. Every religion in the world, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, etc…nationally and internationally are 501c.3, non-profit organizations connected to states and governments, ruled and regulated by the Roman Catholic Church and the British Royal Family. The institution of religion grosses hundreds of billions of dollars a year and promotes propaganda and fear to fuel their agenda, keeping the masses in a state of belief, never revealing the truth.

We must be clear in our understanding that every intricate aspect and detail of life stops, starts, ends and begins with us and how we deal with the world around us and the people in it - not how they deal with us. We are all mind, body and spirit component beings meant to live a spiritual, metaphysical, holistic, organic centered lifestyle that reflects mental, physical , spiritual, sexual and financial, growth and evolution. In order for life to be successful, your life must have a strong foundation, structure, goals and a pinnacle agenda. And that pinnacle agenda is ancestral. We are all ancestors returned, standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, here to perpetuate the ways of our ancestors in these modern days - especially those of us who are born in America.

The land mass of this nation is stained with our ancestors blood and filled with their bones, and being so far removed from our motherland, cultures and traditions, etc…the blood that flows through our veins is our only pathway back to truth. Blood identification is done by way of DNA testing. DNA is the only way to gain a deep-rooted understanding of your identity. One cannot properly exist without identity. One must have a fixed and structured understanding of the language that they speak. Living in a society with so many distractions one must acquire the ability to be a critical and constructive thinker.

Please note that Ile Adulawo promotes universal indigenous spirituality and all cultures under an umbrella of ancestral consciousness and spiritual nation-building. If what has been stated in this email resonates with you, please support the ongoing, and growing work of student-Master Teacher, Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau. He is not perfect but you will discover that he is progressive. Committed he is!

Please revisit IleAdulawo.org for we are back on track making consistent and constant upgrades. We are now featuring Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau’s full bio and blog. Be on the look out for:

  • Upcoming debut book: “Colossal Minded - The Psychology of Me.”

  • Coming soon video blog, “The Broken Chains of Consciousness.”

There is also information on Facebook on “Like” pages:

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Sincerely yours IleAdulawo.org



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