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April 19, 2016

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Someone is in fear.

Someone is in pain.

It starts at the very top and it trickles down like rain.

For this misery is in need of company.


It’s hard to even say what comes first: the hurt, the pain, or the fear.  Unfortunately it’s here and we have been forced to share it. And it has been too much for many to bear, for so many have become numb, lost all their feelings, to the point that they no longer care about who is standing there in the mirror looking back at them. Clueless with no understanding of how they found themselves in this dark place. But blessed we are that the sun still shines and enters in from time to time, to chase away the shadows putting the darkness at bay. Today we find ourselves members of a society, broken and very much in need of repair. For some created force or power that be, has stolen truth and enslaved us to beliefs and hope. Enslaved by subliminal suggestions, phrases that don’t fit but always seemingly finding themselves bridging the gaps between the illusions and the lies. It is to my surprise, and I almost cannot seem to realize, how it has successfully affected so many.


Someone is in fear

Someone is in pain

And whomever, they are driving them insane


For it would take a cold empty soul with a heart overfilled with misery to give birth to so many nightmares that haunt us in the daydream of reality.  I’m taking out time to stare and to point out to as many that are willing to see that the truth is right there staring you in your face, no matter if your eyes are open wide shut. We all know the evil that men do. And these men themselves, clear in their understanding, have been enslaved by their own fears. With a deep undying need to be loved, but from the dawning and birth of these evil men’s ancestry love has never been present, it has never manifested it’s presence to them. For love cannot live in a being so light on the outside with the opposite of that light reflecting ever so dark on the inside that this being does not even feel human. Tormented by its own existence of itself, lacking the ability to love, spends their lifetime giving birth to offspring that inherit the pain that is continuously inflicted upon all of us.


A society overshadowed by a dictatorship, absent of the true understanding of God. A presence that has been sought after for so long without a glimmer of hope of ever being found, takes these beings right back to the mirror filled with the reflection of fear, heartache and pain and the longing to love and be loved. For they know that love exists because they spend so much time energy and effort to destroy any and all reminders of that which they have been unable to obtain. The song of insanity begins to play motivating evil men to take the night, to dance with the devil in the moonlight. For the devil is not subliminal or mystical, a myth, nor a legend, but a dark totem spirit that lives in all of them that grips them tight refusing to ever let go. We must come to realize, what is dark in the night always comes to the light.  Approach the mirror, make it your friend. Learn how to love the reflection of the one within. For the reflection is you. Love starts with the knowledge of self. For love is knowledge and knowledge is wealth.  Make the investment, enjoy its return.


The riches of Life received are not predicated on what you believe. Life is not based and established on what we think, feel, or believe. For only what we know can we understand, do, and manifest. Let it be said and clearly understood a student is only as good as its teacher. And denial is not your friend. Don’t deny what you don’t know, for knowing is growing.  Growing is evolving, an evolution of self: mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually, and financially.


We have been deprived. We are alive but how many of us are actually living to see, witness, and experience better days. For we must realize that we are a divine perfect being’s creation. So many battles have been fought and unfortunately we are at war, with no understanding of what is in store, or exactly what will befall us. We have given our enslavers the mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial means to enslave us. Power that we don’t lack, but power that we must take back. For the empowered are powerless without us. A power in us, but unknown to us, must become known again, so that it can be shown and displayed greatly in our actions.  We must become proactive in our understanding of all things. For the truth starts within, right beneath your skin, flowing through our veins, a DNA highway. Blood flowing forward but possessing the power to take us back to our ancestral understanding of self.


“Committed I am!” Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau



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